Research Activities


06/05/24] Managing pedestrian flows in crowded museums: a mathematical perspective from data gathering to optimisation, Pisan Young Seminars in Applied and NUmerical Mathematics (SNS, Pisa, Italy) [slides][event]

18/04/24] β-contraction: a Framework for Contracting Coloured Networks. Use Cases and Applications (KAUST, Saudi Arabia) [slides][event]

15/04/24] A gentle introduction to Fully Homomorphic Encryption, Applied Cryptography Course (Kaust, Saudi Arabia) [slides]

01/02/24] Multi-scale and ML-aided models for vehicular traffic, Heterogeneity on the Road: Meeting on Modeling, Analysis, Control (Padua, Italy) [slides]

15/12/23] mRLWE-CP-ABE: a revocable CP-ABE for post-quantum cryptography, CIFRIS23 (Rome, Italy) [slides]

19/09/23] Managing crowded museums, YAMC2023 (Siena, Italy) [slides]

10/05/23] How machine learning can improve macroscopic models for traffic state estimation and forecast, Junior Seminars (Rome, Italy) [slides][Junior Seminars]

13/04/23] Validation of In Silico modeling of GLS, "Host Immune System-Pathogen Interactions: Challenges and Opportunities" ERA4TB WP5 workshop (Rome, Italy) [slides🔗]

25/10/22] In-Silico Granulomas: preliminary results, ERA4TB workshop (IDMIT, Paris, France) [slides🔗]

21/09/22] AI for traffic data analysis, YAMC2022 (Arenzano, Italy) [slides][video]

08/07/22] A brief introduction on Differential Privacy, Smol Tolks (IAC-CNR, Rome, Italy) [slides]

25/04/22] A multiscale model of Granuloma formation and growth, "Modelling of drug-disease-host interactions and prediction of antibacterial activity of drug combinations in humans" ERA4TB WP5 workshop (Rome, Italy) [slides🔗]

28/02/22] On tweakable black-box polinomials: the cube attacks family, G.T.M. Seminars (Rome, Italy) [G.T.M. Seminars]

24/01/22] Attribute-based colouring and its applications in reducing problem's size, G.T.M. Seminars (Rome, Italy) [G.T.M Seminars]

13/12/21] The role of the applied mathematician: optimisation of pedestrian flows in crowded museums, G.T.M. Seminars (Rome, Italy) [G.T.M. Seminars]

14/12/21] A brief introduction to Multi-threading and Multi-processing: Julia Parallel Computing, Roma Tre Univ. (Rome, Italy) [Programming Languages Course]

07/12/21] A brief introduction to Multi-threading and Multi-processing: Pthreads, OpenMP and MPI, Roma Tre Univ. (Rome, Italy) [Programming Languages Course][slides]

25/11/21] About real-world implementation of RSA cryptosystem: Hands On, Roma Tre Univ. (Rome, Italy) [Public-Key Cryptography Course]

18/11/21] About real-world implementation of RSA cryptosystem: Theory, Roma Tre Univ. (Rome, Italy) [Public-Key Cryptography Course]

01/07/21] About the existence of Adversarial Examples in Neural Network Classification problems with Small Hamming Distance, Smol Tolks (IAC-CNR, Rome, Italy) [slides]

14/05/21] Modellazione di problemi di traffico veicolare mediante programmazione lineare, Roma Tre Univ. (Rome, Italy) [Combinatorial Optimisation Course][slides]

10/12/20] ML-based Algorithms and Models for Analysing Heterogeneous Data, Giornata Giovani Ricercatori IAC [slides][video]

Small courses

18/09/23] A gentle introduction to Clustering, YAMC2023 (Siena, Italy) [slides]

20/09/22] Rudiments in traffic models, YAMC2022 (Arenzano, Italy) [slides]

Organisation of conferences and seminar cycles

The fourth Young Applied Matematicians Conference (YAMC24), organiser, September 16-20, 2024, Sapienza University of Rome (Rome, Italy) [link]

Junior Seminars 2020/21, 2021/22, 2022/23, organiser, Roma Tre Univ. (Rome, Italy) [link]

Tè di Matematica 2021/22, 2022/23, collaborator, Roma Tre Univ. (Rome, Italy) [link]


13-21/04/24] King Abdullah Unoversity of Science and Technology (KAUST), Saudi Arabia